Configuring CISCO IP Phone 7960 for use with Go2Call

by Oleg Titov

Following manual will show how to configure CISCO 7960 (probably same procedure applies to 7940 too) to place Voice over IP (VoIP) long-distance calls with Go2Call. It was tested on CISCO IP Phone 7960 with SIP P0S3-08-3-00 firmware.

Before you start make sure you have all necessary information to proceed.

Check List

  1. You already have Go2Call account. If not - register here.
  2. Prepare your Go2Call PIN number. If you do not have it - request here.
  3. Prepare your CISCO 7960 password (default is cisco).
  4. Ask your system administrator about NAT (yes/no).

Now as you have all necessary info you can start configuring your phone.


  1. Press Settings button.
  2. Enter Unlock Config menu (shortcut 9).
  3. Enter your CISCo 7960 password, press Accept.
  4. Enter SIP Configuration (shortcut 4).
  5. Enter Line 2 Settings (shortcut 2) if you plan to configure Go2Call account as second line. Change as appropriate.
  6. Enter Name menu (shortcut 1). Enter your Go2Call PIN number, press Save.
  7. Enter Shot name menu (shortcut 2). Enter "Go2Call". That would be a label you see for Line 2 on your phone's display.
  8. Enter Authentication Name (shortcut 3). Erase everything, press Save.
  9. Enter Authentication Password menu (shortcut 4). Erase everything, press Save.
  10. Enter Display Name menu (shortcut 5). Enter your name or leave empty, press Save.
  11. Enter Proxy Address menu (shortcut 6).
    1. If you have NAT - enter "", press Save.
    2. If you do not have NAT - enter "", press Save.
  12. Enter Proxy Port menu (shortcut 7). Enter "5060", press Save.
  13. Press Save.
  14. Press Back.

Now you are ready to test your setup without placing a real call.


  1. Press Line 2 button, wait for dial tone.
  2. Enter 723 followed by #.
  3. Your phone should connect in 1-5 seconds and you should hear Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system prompt.
  4. Listen carefully:
    1. If IVR asks you to enter account number - you need to re-check your setup. Anyway you can enter your Go2Call PIN number followed by # to gain an access.
    2. If IVR asks you to enter phone number ("...with country code,..., followed by #") - your setup is OK.

Now you are ready to start placing calls with Go2Call on your CISCO 7960.

Placing Calls

  1. Press Line 2 button, wait for dial tone.
  2. Enter one of IVR numbers, try 723 first (for complete list of IVR numbers see below), followed by #.
  3. Listen for welcome message (you can interrupt it in any moment), and enter country code, area code, and phone number followed by #.
  4. Listen for your account capacity for this call measured in hours and minutes (it depends on your available funds and calling tariff).
  5. In a few seconds you should hear connection tone.

Now you are ready to use Ga2Call at full speed. You also might be interesting to know more about all IVR numbers.

IVR Numbers

I have discovered following Interactive Voice Response system numbers:

English speaking IVR
Silent IVR (very useful if you do not want to hear welcome message and account statistics).
Spanish speaking IVR
Chinese speaking IVR??? (please, let me know if you can identify it)
yet another IVR (please, let me know if you can identify it)
yet another IVR (please, let me know if you can identify it)
yet another silent IVR (please, let me know if you can identify it)
French speaking IVR

Please, let me know if you discover any other IVR access numbers.


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© 2004-2006 Oleg Titov from Aleph Technology

Updated on August 17, 2006 11:28 (CST)